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about me:


myc or mycie




intp, 5w4


    - coding and programming (mostly just the stuff i learn in APCS, like java not much experience in html and css)
    - movies and television
    - film and digital photography (i think i'll make a blog post in the future on my cameras and photography)

mycie feels:

The current mood of myc at www.imood.com

stream of consciousness:

- why don't they make screens that have sight prescriptions so you can look at them without glasses?

- i can't imagine actually like yeah like yeah these are my thoughts yknow how it is

- i started learning japanese on duolingo spontaneously and i love the characters so much they're so nice to write in

- i think i'm going to work on making my site friendly for all browsers because it looks wonderful on my screen but terrible on some others.

- i just had a remarkable idea where i make separate themes for my homepage and all of them have the same core stuff on them, but they're just styled different.

(these are sites i like) Zero's Terminal Philia995